Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Richie's Lost Book

I collect lost things!
Yes, things that were lost, forgotten, or abandoned by other people.
Things that tell you a story with no words.

For example, I like the story about a portion of a love letter that someone left behind when the love ended or the story of the lost baby shoe that the baby dropped when he was discovering the movement of his feet.

My most recent find was this little book. It really tells me a story.
I love this little piece of art.
I hope that it inspired you as much as it did to me.
Now, it is the centerpiece of my collection of lost things.

Me gusta coleccionar cosas perdidas!
Sí, cosas que fueron perdidas, olvidadas o abandonadas por otros.
Cosas que te cuenten una historia sin palabras.

Por ejemplo, me gusta la historia contada por un pedazo de carta de amor que alguien tiro cuando el amor se acabó o la historia del zapato de bebe perdido cuando el bebe descubría el movimiento de sus pies.

Mi más reciente adquisición es este pequeño libro. Esta pequeña pieza realmente cuenta una maravillosa historia.

Me encanta esta hermosa obra de arte.
Espero que les inspire tanto como a mí.
Ahora será la pieza central de mi colección de cosas perdidas.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Member of the Bestiario Book

There has been really unusual weather in Los Angeles. Rainy days, long and gray rainy days. I am not used to this kind of weather.
The rain keeps me inside the house more time that I would like. However, it is not all bad; I am using my time at home to catch up with my drawing. Recently my dear Moleskines have been a little abandoned.

Hemos tenido un clima no muy común en Los Angeles. Días lluviosos, largos y grises días lluviosos. Siendo sincera, no estoy acostumbrada a este tipo de clima.
La lluvia me ha mantenido en casa por más tiempo del que me gustaría. Sin embargo, no es totalmente malo; mi tiempo en casa lo uso para dibujar un poco. Ya que recientemente mis queridos moleskines habían estado un poco abandonados.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Do Some Good Today!

I can't stop thinking about all the people suffering in Haiti right now.
I wish I could go and help them, but I don't think that my skills are necessary there now. So another way to help is by donating to organizations that are helping.
The organization that I trust the most is the Red Cross.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Santa Catalina Island

A Puerto Vallarta in the middle of the ocean--that was my first impression of Catalina Island.

A primera vista la Isla Catalina me pareció un Puerto Vallarta en medio del oceano.

The Island is like a tropical place but in the north. You can get there by boat from Long Beach. And if you visit the place in winter you can be lucky and see a whale on your way to Catalina Island.

La isla parece un lugar tropical pero en el norte. Puedes llegar ahí despues de un viaje de 45 minutos en bote desde Long Beach. Y si visitas la isla en invierno quizá tendrás suerte y verás alguna ballena.

In Long Beach I saw some ads promoting the attractions of the island such as buffalo or the bald eagle. Even though I didn't see any of those animals I was really fortuned to see Garibaldi fish and deer. But the things that made me feel joyful were the green appearance of the island, the warm sunset and the peaceful feeling that flies all around the place.

En Long Island a la espera del bote me encontré publicidad promoviendo los atractivos de la isla como bufalos y otros animales interesantes. Y aunque no tuve la oportunidad de verlos todos; si vi peces Garibaldi nadando alrededor del lugar y algunos temerosos venados.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

48 Seconds of Swimming

I worked on a 48 second video of Garibaldi fish swimming, but it looks too small to really appreciate it. I am posting it anyway because this fish is just wonderful.

I captured these images in a trip to Catalina Island. There are many things to see in that place but the thing that really amazed me was the clear water. It was so clear that I could see fish everywhere. Of course, the Garibaldi fish were the stars of the little video.

Este video lo tomé en la isla Catalina.
Los peces Garibaldi son las estrellas del video. Desafortunadamente el video es demasiado pequeño, pero espero les guste.

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