Friday, May 14, 2010

It is Not a Moleskine

I know that it is hard to believe, but I am trying others sketchbooks. I have to be clear that I still love Moleskine's notebooks. However, it is always interesting to try something different.
The drawings are objects that I saw in a design exhibition in Mexico City in February.

The first object in the right is a silver and obsidian broach.
the red one is a broach too. It was made by Diego Rivera. It is a watercolor painting with some kind of stones around.
The drawing in the right is a lamp design Hector Aguillar.

Se que es dificil de creelo, pero no estoy usando un diario Moleskine. Solo para aclarar, me sigue encantado Moleskine, solo que pensé que sería buena idea probar algo nuevo.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pages of my Lost Sketchbook

For a while, this little sketchbook was lost. Fortunately, I found it and I rediscovered my sketches from the beginning of the year. Now, I remember that I went to downtown Los Angeles and I draw the little church next to Olvera Street. The left page has the ticket from the Rothko exhibition at the MOMA.
I am really happy to have it back!

Perdido y Encontrado
Por algún tiempo este pequeño diario visual estuvo perdio. Afortunadamente, lo encontré y he redescubierto los dibujos que hice al principio del año. Ahora recuerdo que fui al centro de Los Angeles y dibuje la pequeña iglesia en la esquina de calle Olvera. En la página izquierda se puede ver el boleto de la exibición de Rothko en el MOMA -Museo de arte moderno-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moleskine, San Francisco

Usually I do a drawing of places that I visit and like. Of course I did a drawing of San Francisco.
Me gusta dibujar los lugares que he visitado y disfrute. Por supuesto que San Francisco tendría que ser uno de ellos.