Monday, October 27, 2008


I always say it...
it is fundamental in this trip called Life...
the heart feels an impulse... an instant...
a way... we have to follow it....

Go for your dreams! Happy Life!
Make the best of the day...
Don't let it finish without having fed your dreams.
Don't let anybody take your right 
to express yourself, which is almost a duty.

Don't abandon your desires to make
your life something extraordinary.
Don't stop believing that words and 
poetry can change the world...

Because whatever happens, our essence is intact.
We are humans full of possibilities.
Life is desert and oasis, it pulls us down, hurts us,
teaches us, makes us into the stars of 
our own story...

Even if the wind blows against us,
the powerful work continues.
You can contribute a stanza.
Never stop dreaming,
because in dreams people are free.

A translation of my post of Sep. 30th.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In our trip to unknown places, we visited Mono Lake, 
a mystic inland sea where submarine creatures created their castles.

En nuestro viaje por lugares desconocidos , visitamos Mono Lake, 
un misterioso mar interior donde creatures submarinas crearon sus castillos.