Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Chess Horse

Who could like a horse
that doesn't know how run, eat or neigh,
that doesn't make any sound when he gallops...
Maybe just those who care for chess
can love a horse like that.

A quién le gustaría un caballo
que no sabe correr, comer o relinchar,
que no hace ruiditos al cabalgar.
Quizá solo a esos que les importa
el ajedrez pueden amar un caballo así.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marilyn's garden

One of these days, I will learn how to keep a flower alive. I can do something that almost nobody can do... make a cactus disappear in one month (unbelievable but true).
For that reason, I have to take "souls" from the gardens of others, through photographs. I am sure that if one day, I have a garden, it will look like a desert. I don't have any other solution than to keep taking pictures of others' gardens to create my own.

Uno de estos días, aprenderé como mantener viva una flor.  
Puedo hacer lo que casi nadie puede... desaparecer a un cactus en un mes (increíble pero cierto). Por esa razón, tengo que tomar las almas de jardines ajenos, a través de la fotografía. 
Estoy segura que si algún día tengo un jardín, este parecería un desierto. Y no me queda otra solución mas que seguír tomando fotos de jardines ajenos para crear el mío propio.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sometimes I lose my words, my adjectives, like right now. The description for these pictures has become more complicated. Maybe because for some images you don't need words (a picture is worth a thousand words). I'll try to explain them anyway. I don't remember the year, day or occasion, but I was walking in the middle of a crowd. All eyes looked up directly to the sky to contemplate a dance that told us a love story with movement and music that only the heart can remember.

A veces pierdo mis palabras, mis adjetivos, como ahora mismo. Y la descripción de estas fotografías se hace mas complicada. Quizá porque para algunas imagenes no se necesitan palabras (una imagen dice mas que mil palabras). De cualquier manera trataré de explicarlas. No recuerdo el año, día u ocasión, pero estaba caminando en medio de una multitud. Todos los ojos miraron hacia el cielo para contemplar una danza que nos dijo una historia de amor con movimientos y música que solo el corazón puede recordar.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Maguey

The Maguey

This is an exclusive view for the public that doesn't have the pleasure of knowing "The Maguey," a desert plant in Mexico that has been used for many things.
For example, you can make a nice organic rope or delicious "mixiotes" (a traditional mexican food). The maguey produces the sweet and nutritious "agua miel" that after a complicated process can become a spiritual beverage called "pulque," or it can be a healthy food for cows.
The maguey is both a spiritual symbol and a really useful plant, but for me it's an art object, so perfect, so beautiful, so mystic...so MAGUEY.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yumin's Pregnancy

Dandole la bienvenida a una nueva vida! Welcoming a new life!

The Pigeon

A long time ago, I read about a Chiapas indigenous group's belief that pictures steal the soul. If that is true I have to take care of so many spirits.