Friday, June 18, 2010

Jose Saramago Left

Many years ago, the book "El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo" appeared in front of me. It was a total revelation. It was the book with all the poetry and wisdom that I needed at that moment. Since then, I have read almost every single book from Jose Saramago. And with every book Saramago gave me his most insightful knowledge about life, death, spirituality, love, politics and philosophy. I had read everything written by him and I felt that I knew him better after every book. I knew him without ever once have seen him in person. And today, he left and there won't be more novels, poems, articles or blogs that could guide me through life.

It is a sad day today!

Hace mucho años atras, "El Evangelio Según Jesucristo" apareció frente a mi. Y fue una total revelación. Este fue el libro con toda la poesía y sabiduría que necesitaba en ese momento. Desde entonces, he leído casi todos los libros de José Saramago. Y con cada uno de sus libros Saramago me propocionó su conocimiento acerca de la vida, la muerte, la espiritualidad, la política y la filosofía. Leí todo aquellos escrito por él y senti que lo conocía cada libro más. Lo conocía sin siquiera haberlo visto una sola vez en persona.
Y hoy, él se fue y ya no habrá mas de sus novelas, poesías, artículos o no más de su blog que me guien por esta vida.

Hoy es un día gris!

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fefa said...

Hey, Belen! I can say the same ;-) Thanks for the visit and the comment! The main illustration is mine, btw (I'm glad you like it). I still need to dedicate, to create a blog to show and organize (or re-organize) my illustrations :-P The "fefanaholanda" is a blog about my life here in NL, a little bit of everything, to keep in contact with friends and family, trying to somehow shorten the distance. Portuguese is a beautiful language but really difficult. At least, speaking Spanish, you could understand a little ;-) Unfortunately my English is not that good to keep an English version of my blog with my lonnnngggg texts :-P Maybe the one with my illustrations... ;-)

Back to the Portuguese: What a wonderful post about Saramago. A great person, a incredible writer... Someone who could have lived forever.