Monday, August 25, 2008

flying Away

Cyanotype, Belen Islas

Fragmento  del poema Migración de  Pablo Neruda

Todo el día una línea,
un escuadrón de plumas,
un navío 
palpitaba en el aire,
el pequeño infinito
de la ventana desde donde busco,
interrogo, trabajo, acecho, aguardo.

Fragment of Migration by Pablo Neruda
translation:  Jack Schmitt

All day column after column,
a squadron of feathers,
a fluttering airborne
the tiny infinity
of the window where I research,
question, work, observe, wait.


ayse said...

They are the most beautiful blue birds..I love this work Belen :) I saw when you were working on it but this is more than I excepted.

ayse said...

Hola Belen :) I saw this one when you were working on but this is more than I expected..soo beautiful..the blue is very nice and the birds and more and everythig..very unique ..I loved it.

Belen Art said...

Thank you Ayse, :)