Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ayse told me that these pictures look like candies.
And I think the same.
Candies for your eyes, for my eyes.
Candies of many flavors. Red, blue, green, yellow.

My favorite is green. It tastes really sweet at first glance but,
after you see it for a while the hint of citrus grabs your eye.

Blue is different; its savor is intense from beginning to end.
It is sweet as anise; strong from the first look.

Red is just for special occasions. It tastes like pomegranate with strawberry.
Exotic, powerful. To not be overwhelmed by its flavor,
 you can observe it just for a little while.

And yellow is for looking at every day.
It has a mango essence that makes your day happy.

Ayse me dijo que estas fotos parecen dulces.
Y yo pienso lo mismo.
Dulces para tus ojos, para mis ojos.
Dulces de muchos sabores. Rojo, azul, verde, amarillo.
Mi favorito es el verde.  Este sabe realmente dulce a la primera mirada pero,
después de apreciarlo por un rato un toque citrico agarra tu ojo.
Azul es diferente, su sabor es intenso desde el principio hasta el fin. Es dulce como el anís. Fuerte desde  la primera mirada.
Rojo es solo para ocasiones especiales. Sabe como granada con fresa. exotica, intensa. 
Para no ser abrumado por su sabor, tu puedes observarlo solo un ratito.
Y amarillo es para apreciarlo todos los días. Tiene una esencia de mango que hace feliz tu día.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pictures. Do you have hi res versions available?

ayse said...

I loved all of these pictures.Your sweet, little, but at the same time very meaningful stories have vitalized them, so they (your candies) increase my appetite :)

Belen Art said...

Thank you Ayse,
you gave me the idea. ; )