Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Maguey

The Maguey

This is an exclusive view for the public that doesn't have the pleasure of knowing "The Maguey," a desert plant in Mexico that has been used for many things.
For example, you can make a nice organic rope or delicious "mixiotes" (a traditional mexican food). The maguey produces the sweet and nutritious "agua miel" that after a complicated process can become a spiritual beverage called "pulque," or it can be a healthy food for cows.
The maguey is both a spiritual symbol and a really useful plant, but for me it's an art object, so perfect, so beautiful, so MAGUEY.


Anonymous said...

So many times, you stole my atention, some about you, most about your creations(your smile, feelings and your entire life); You did it againg!
My congratulations. It is like you, so beauty!!!

Jose C.

Jan said...

Wow awesome! How did you that? I could not put a sound in my blog. Hope you keep moving forward. I'll visit yours soon. Can U gather yr perfornance from painting and class in here?


Belen Art said...

Gracias por el comentari JC ; )