Monday, May 4, 2009

El recuento del viaje

The recounting of the trip!

Between museums and old cities full of history I spent my vacation time in Spain. It was great. Our goals were to see Picasso's Guernica in Madrid, The Prado Museum (in Madrid, also), to visit Lisbon, Portugal, and to see as many buildings from Gaudí in Barcelona as possible. And we did it. We saw and visited all the things that we planned and along the way we enjoyed so much more.

Day One:
Flying over the Atlantic, I dreamt about a high-wire walker.  Later he became the protagonist of the trip in Spain.

Recuento del viaje 
Día uno: Volando sobre el Atlántico, entre sueños aparece el equilibrista que se convertiría en el  protagonista  en este viaje por tierras españolas.

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